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Thread: Trail names and locations + Trail rating guide.

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    Default Trail names and locations + Trail rating guide.

    We can not advertise where our trails are located. There are several issues with being a public forum that go along with this. We can use trail nicknames or town names for the location of a trail, but we should not give directions to the trail head to someone that has never ridden with us. Some of the land we wheel on is private and we have specific permission to be there. Trails also usually have sections that are legal for everyone but bypasses or cut-throughs that are illegally made. We can not travel on those, and unless you have been with us on a run, you wouldnt know where those are.

    I encourage everyone to schedule runs and invite new members. Just remember that when you show someone a trail location and give them permission to use it that they will be on the trail alone someday. If too many people trash the land or create illegal bypasses, the trail could close.

    So please, use nicknames, meet at a gas station and then drive to the trail head, respect the landowners, and tread lightly.

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    Trail ratings guide.

    When planning a run, try to list in the description what rating it is. Not every trail will fit a rating perfectly, but pick the one or two that best describes it.

    Color coding the title is helpful.
    Green- Easy/Stocker Friendly
    Blue- Moderate
    Black- Hard

    All categories assume you already have the equipment listed in the previous category.

    OEM 4WD. Very mild trail with the possibility of small rocks or mild mud/water crossings. 4wd may not be needed for entire trail.

    31" All Terrains. Mild trail with moderate mud and/or rocks. Obstacles will require the use 4wd.

    Rocks will be larger so the use of undercarriage protection is required. Obstacles will require the use of 4lo.

    Mild lift, aggressive tires, additional protection recommended (sliders, bumpers, etc).

    Minimum 3" lift, 32" or larger mud terrain tires, additional protection (sliders, bumpers, etc) required. More demanding trail with the possibility of deep mud/water crossings. Locker would be helpful.

    33" tires w/1 locker or 35" tires w/no locker. Demanding trail with the likelihood of getting stuck. Deeper water/mud crossings, moderately large rock work should be expected.

    33" tires w/2 lockers, or 35" w/1 locker, winch very helpful, body damage possible. Hard trail, large rock work. Expect your vehicle to be at extreme angles. Likelihood of getting stuck is high.

    35" tires, w/2 lockers, winch recommended, trail breakage/ body damage likely. Extreme trail with large rock/boulder work.

    36" tires and up, 2 lockers, winch highly recommended, spare parts for trail repair, body damage probable, roll over protected recommended.

    Same as above plus a blatant disregard for condition of your truck. Roll over protection required, trailer recommended.
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