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Thread: Fishbone Rock Sliders with Step for TJ - $250 Firm

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    Default Fishbone Rock Sliders with Step for TJ - $250 Firm

    Bought these rock sliders from Quadratec:

    But once I got them I was having a terrible time trying to get the body mount bolts off and felt I was about to break something.

    And, while I like the sliders, don't like them enough to warrant creating more work for myself by breaking something.

    Went to return them to Quadratec, but they don't pay for shipping on returns and UPS wants close to $100 to send them back.

    Purchased for $285. Will let them go for $250 cash.

    Alternatively, if someone actually knows what they're doing and wants to give me hand that would be sweet.

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    Feel free to start a new thread in the 'Tech Section' about your body mount concerns / issues. There are a lot of Jeep owners here who have experience with rusty body mounts who may be able to help.

    Otherwise - good luck with the sale!
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