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Thread: What skid plate is better for what the trails usually have? 1/4" aluminum 3/16" steel

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    Aluminum is not necessarily "weaker" than some mild steels. Low quality steel will give before good aluminum.
    Weight taxes everything, including MPG's, and costly lift height.
    Aluminum is always lighter(even at thicker sizes) and does not rust, so needs no paint, nor repainting.

    Thus my advice with overall cost in mind, which consists of initial buy-in and future maintenance(time/supplies to remove rust and paint, again and again and again...):
    Steel below(ie skids) because it's cheaper and looks don't matter, since it is not seen.
    Aluminum above(eg bumpers and such) because it won't rust, which will be better looking cosmetically speaking, and will save some overall weight from adding steel skids.

    I hope this helps and wish you good luck with whatever you decide :)
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    Traction, articulation, and gearing make a good off-road rig. Just a big lift, wide mud tires, and a winch simply do not.
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