Questions for anyone. 2 nights ago my throwout bearing let go. I brought it to my mechanic and he gave me an estimate of about $800 to replace the Bearing and the Clutch.

He also said that he will not do the rear main seal because of the work involved because it is a split seal so he recommended that if i really want that done, I should bring it to someone that will do the seal and have them do it all at once.

My questions are

1. Is $800 reasonable to replace the clutch and throwout bearing? I thought it was only going to cost me about $500 so that seems a bit high to me, but I have never had either done before so i might be off.
2. What cost should I be expecting if I go somewhere to have the seal done too and any recommendations in S. NH
3. The seal is leaking and it does drip a bit, how much do i need to worry about replacing it or should I just leave it and keep checking my oil level?

It is a 2006 Wrangle X
6 Speed manual