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Thread: Dead winch diagnosis

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    Default Dead winch diagnosis

    OK I know someone here can diagnose this in a heartbeat. Here's what happened:

    -Tried to lug in controller for winch and it automatic started running.
    - It wasnt a stuck controller switch
    - Tried again and it automatically ran again without touching switch.
    - Tried again and nothing...switch doesn't activate winch anymore.

    I am guessing I shorted something.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Check your posts and connectors on the winch a make sure you have a good ground. My superwinch worked fine for over a year, one day it just stopped, of course I freaked out until I found that the ground location wasn’t weather proof and even though it was connected it got corroded and failed, I cleaned the ground reconnected and poof it magically worked ever since.

    Test the leads with a voltmeter, try another controller, do you hear clicking, could’ve blown a solenoid.
    Paul (FSHJNKY)

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    What kind of winch? Do you have the option to use the remote wirelessly? Electrical gremlins can be a pain to diagnose, but I agree with the post above. Check and clean everything and go from there. Definitely sounds like a short somewhere in the control pack.

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