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Thread: Gas containers

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    Default Gas containers

    Hi all.
    How many of you carry extra fuel on offroad trips? Would you say its a necessity for exploring in NH?

    If you do, what are you using? Ive been looking at the Rotopax on Amazon, but the get mixed reviews. The poor reviews are due to some having leak issues! Anyone use these ones?


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    Unless your rig gets truly horrible mileage, or you have a tiny gas tank it's not necessary. Safety is an issue too, in my opinion.

    I haven't needed to top off the tank before the end of a run, and that's an old Wrangler (famous for poor mileage) with a 20 gallon tank. Saturday was 182 miles including driving from Fitchburg and back. Filled up the next day with 4 or 5 gallons left in the tank.
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    The only place I've thought it might be needed was a trip to the North Maine Woods - and even though I'm glad I brought it - I ended up not using it even on that trip.
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    you shouldn't need to carry extra fuel on any average ENH day trip. I have a rotopax container for my ATV and I love it. The only issues I have is with fuel expansion especially in hot weather can make it difficult to unscrew the clamp hold it to the machine.
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    Ditto, even after a 16 hour day of wheeling in NH, I have plenty of gas. Most I have aver burned locally is about 1/2 a tank (I get 19mpg average - 4 banger pride baby)
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    Thanks for replies. Seems it's an unnecessary precaution having spare fuel.
    I just did nearly eight hours on class 6 roads and barley used a 1/4 tank. I gotta stop overthinking everything!

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