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Thread: Diff Seals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dgagne View Post
    Sorry for the delayed answer, no, i haven't gotten it done yet. Going to order the part this week though. Will update when done.
    I finished the project of replacing my diff seals on Monday.
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    Default Axle diff seals

    Get a new pinion nut when you do this, also check around the wheels to ensure the inner seals aren't going either (you'll see residue on the wheels and hubs). While you have the yoke out it wouldn't be bad to convert it to a ubolt instead of the cheap straps that break off. There is a good video on bleepin jeep about this. If you dont have a lift you wont have enough clearance to torque the pinion nut properly, it helps to have it jacked up with someone standing on the brakes.

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