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Thread: 2.9 LIM gasket issue

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    Default 2.9 LIM gasket issue

    OK, it's amateur hour here. Need some advice from folks who now about the ford 2.9l. Farmer, R U out there?

    I installed my heads today and that went awesome. I decided to go for the lower intake manifold and that didn't go so awesome. The gasket does not cover the front and rear portions where the heads transition to the block. They advise to use silicone RTV. A few issues arose.

    I dont think I put enough RTV on the front. The sides of the IM set flush to the heads, but the bottom does not make contact with the block. There is about an 1/8 inch space there. I can see daylight, so I am guessing I didnt use enough rtv. Here is a pic of the front and back portions:

    This is no bueno, right? I am assuming oil will leak here, yes?

    Also, the gasket wasn't really centered very well. You can see here where the gasket protrudes on one side, but not the other. The instructions are so anal about telling you not to move the manifold when you put it on I left it like that.

    I assume this is a do-over with a new gasket? Advice appreciated.
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    the GM v8 had similar issue with the mating of the intake manifold to the block (305/350ci). There were some gasket kits that included thick end gaskets, only requiring you to use RTV to bridge between the manifold gaskets and end seals. Other kits were ONLY the manifold gaskets, requiring judicious use of RTV.

    TLDR... thick bead of RTV (if the dry fit is 1/8 inch gap, a little thicker than that) and let it set up good... iirc 15-20 min
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