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Thread: lets talk all terrain vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbeaton View Post
    this would be a weekend rig. i drive alot ofr work so i have an altima i drive daily. i'm not ready to buy yet, just planning. i can see my time with snowmobiling and the sxs's cominbg to an end in pittsburg due to all the old crusty locals. if thats the case i will build on the land we have in maine and will be looking for a rig there. after this weekend i'm kinda leaning towards something like a TJ that i can remove the top on. i never thought i would like that but my buddy has one and no top cruing to and from the marina was kinda nice. but again, i'm planning, i tend to plan alot with this kind of stuff. the wheels get spinning.
    TJs are great if you can find a good one for a reasonable price. There are a lot of rusty, beat and overpriced ones out there though.

    What is going on in Pittsburg? I would think that sleds and ATVs are most of the local economy. What are the locals complaining about?

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    while powersports area huge money maker you have those that dont like it. land owners are shutting down trails forcing reroutes. this year colebrook is a total cf. you can only get there from pittsburg via the old rail bed down thru stewartstowm. recently they finally got approval to reroute the trail that was closed so you can enter colebrook from the south and east. this closure killed 3 businesses that were on that side of the system. not only was the trail closed the rd crossing from the rail bed was closed due to a dot dope. hes closed a bunch of crossings including a few in pittsburg. word is hes now on to sled crossings. the liberals from south have invaded the north country.
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