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Thread: What's your favorite tool this year?

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    Default Magnet induction heater

    I picked up a mini-ducter after a pretty hairy situation involving seized upper rear shock bolts/ the proximity to the gas tank. I dont even break out the torches anymore, this thing is worth every penny spent so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakinJeep View Post
    I have to go with my favorite "tool" being my two-post lift.

    There's nothing quite like being able to work on your Jeep while standing comfortably like a gentleman of leisure, rather than laying on the floor like a peasant.

    You win this one. Every time I finish a project that went south that took longer than I anticipated (all of them), I come in and tell my wife Iím buying a lift. I think she doesnít realize just how serious I am sometimes lol

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    My favortie automotive tool has to be the Milwaukee M12 cordless ratchet. That tools has saved me loads of time breaking down my 6.0

    For work (construction) I just picked up the M12 surge impact gun. We use impact guns on a daily basis. Having one thats not as heavy as the M18 but still packs some power is great.
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    I'm dreaming of a two post lift too. I'm so jealous of you, FreakinJeep. haha

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