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Thread: Xterras on FB Marketplace

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    Default Xterras on FB Marketplace

    I recently saw multiple XTERRAs on FB Marketplace, from $400 to $4k, 1996 to 2008. One was already built, most were great budget trucks for a build. No specific links... they were on multiple sales pages in NH, VT, and ME. Since I let my 1989 Hardbody 4x2 go in a trade for a family car with air conditioning, I've always had a fondness for the old Nissans.

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    Before I bought my '15 X I considered an older, rougher option. I hate rust/rot. I don't weld and have no desire to pay for frame or body repair. I looked at a good number of 2nd gen X for under $10k and they all were about equally rough underneath. So I went for a '15.

    If I could get a good Hardbody, that woudl be a completely different story. They are worth putting time, money, and learning welding for. Same with the original Toy 4x4.
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