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Thread: Sharp Pointy Things

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    I've read a bit today and one thing to think about is the type of kayaking you do. Glenn used to do whitewater. In that case immediate access to your knife is crucial, it could be a life/death situation. Sea kayaking, where I'm heading, is different. It is hard to imagine a situation where a immediate access to a knife is crucial. On the other hand, immediate access to flares, EPIRB etc could be far more important. Right now I'm not doing that type of kayaking but I might want to someday.

    I only thought of this because last night we came across a loon that appeared to be entangled. He wasn't, but if he was what could I do without a knife. Then that got me thinking of the times we've tied up for lunch, or towed a friend. Sea kayaking is way different, and has different emergency needs, than white water.

    BTW, this the new ride...

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    Iíve had a lot of knives from cheap to spending hundreds...I currently carry one of two benchmarks (manual and auto open) or a regular Milwaukee razor all honesty my favorite knife Iíve had ever was a spyderco, I forget the model! But brick **** house durable, thin profile and the finish held up through thick and thin... that knife slid out of my flight suit and ended up on a range in Kuwait years ago. Iíll pick up another at some point itís just hard to justify given the knives on hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotThePainter View Post
    My advice...
    Don't buy a China made knife
    USA and Japanese stainless steel blades are better options
    Buy a name brand
    Buy it from a place that stands behind their products
    Make sure you find it comfortable in your hand
    Serrated is only good for sawing in my opinion
    Everything else I was going to write has been already stated previously in this thread

    So many good choices out there, so you will eventually find the "one" for you ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueberryHill View Post
    My kayak "emergency" knife is a
    Wenoka "Blackie Collins" signed diver's knife, 440 stainless made in Japan.

    ...fixed blade so no fiddling around to open, super sharp edge and point, and a hard sheath.
    It's not so much a double edge as one thinks of it, many diver's knives have a serrated section so there's two working edges, mainly to allow quick operation when necessary. Bright colors help to find it if it gets dropped in the water too. The chrome button locks it in to the hard sheath so it's a one handed operation. Some folks, especially raft guides, like the blunt point of a Gerber River Shorty, still a sharp end but not a point.

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