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Thread: 1997 Grand Cherokee V8

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    Default 1997 Grand Cherokee V8

    I got a truck, so I'm selling my "winter beater" ZJ. I originally bought it just to have a second vehicle so I wouldn't have to drive the TJ in the winter, but I ended up liking this car so much I drove it all summer too.

    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSi
    5.2L V8
    2" spacer lift with 245/75/16 MasterCraft ATX about 75% tread.
    Leather interior in good condition, power windows, seats, and door locks, all work.
    Magnaflow cat with 3" exhaust from cat back.
    Ready to go, passed inspection a month ago no problem.
    Underside is clean, a little surface rust and no rot.
    Burns a little oil, about a quart between oil changes.
    3.73 gears with towing package. (Hitch, D44a rear end, trans cooler)
    A/C works, needs a charge.
    125k miles, engine has 60k.

    Good base for an overland rig or good DD vehicle if you have a short commute or don't mind getting 9mpg.

    $1500 for you guys.
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    She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself.

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    '97 ZJ, 2" spacer lift on 30's, 'The Beater' - SOLD


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    Good luck with sale Jesse, but you won't really need it because it looks and reads like a great deal for someone.
    Traction, articulation, and gearing make a good off-road rig. Just a big lift, wide mud tires, and a winch simply do not.
    ~Shawn(the correct spelling ;)

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