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Thread: mb523's 99 Waggler

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    A small update!

    It's been a while, my time has been split between shop building and house renovations. Now that the shop is MOSTLY close to done, I've rolled the Jeep into it's new home for maybe a year or so? Back into the shop for her.

    First drive in over a year:

    studio_driveway 2019-1-6 PM by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr

    Across my front yard and into the shop:

    main_driveway 2019-1-6 PM by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr

    Final resting spot (for a while). Here I am removing the rear axle once we pushed it into the shop:

    image-20190106_134356 by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr

    Made some friends with a pack of snow removal beasts:

    IMG_20190111_130459 by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr

    Tub is tilting hard to the driver side due to the tub side mount being gone:

    IMG_20190111_130505 by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr

    Awaiting fresh everything:

    IMG_20190111_130514 by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr

    The axles went to a great new home last night, thanks Jesse! Excited to see them continue wheeling hard!

    main_driveway 2019-1-10 PM by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr

    What's next:
    - Procure front fabricated 9" housing (front axle)
    - Procure D60 inner Cs and outer knuckles / hubs
    - Mock up brackets / placement of 9" under the front of the Jeep
    - Re-mock up placement of engine in bay with clearances to new axle
    - Mount axle, engine, transmission
    - TDB
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    Nice sweatshirt on that big dude!

    Thank you for the very fair price on the Waggy axles, Mitch. They made a nice addition to what I'm now calling my axle farm over in the corner of the shop.

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