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Thread: Classifieds Rules

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    Default Classifieds Rules

    ADS WILL BE DELETED AFTER 1 YEAR OF NO ACTIVITY. assumes no responsibility for any bad deals. Buy/trade/sell at your own risk!!!!
    Caveat emptor.

    1. All threads need to be listed in the appropriate sub-forum and have a title relating to object(s) in the thread. Something as simple as "Jeep stuff for sale" or "5-lug wheels with tires" will suffice. No "Stuff for sale," "Buy my junk," etc., threads allowed.

    2. No flaming whatsoever. If you don’t like something being sold or the price the seller is asking, go to another thread, simply don’t post in theirs. If it is a scam, report the post and specify how you know it is a scam.

    3. If you have input to a for sale thread, but are not interested in buying the item, send a PM to the seller with any additional information (as opposed to posting it in the thread) so as not to deter potential buyers. If the seller determines it would be beneficial to post the new information, it is up to the seller.

    4. Any Ads for items for Sale or Wanted, posted in the General Forums will be deleted on sight and the user will be given a warning. If you are caught a second time will have their posting privileges suspended for three days. A third time will result in a permanent suspension from the forums.

    5. All price negotiations should take place via PM or email. Do not post offers in a thread. You can post things like "PM'd my offer", etc.

    6. NO Commercial Ads of ANY KIND! Any such ads will be deleted at once and the violator locked out of the Classifieds permanently! All commercial ads must be posted in the Vendor Sales forum

    7. No sales or trades of firearms or weapons of any kind is permitted.

    8. Any and all ads may be locked and removed under Moderators discretion. For example; If your first post on this site is an ad, expect it to be locked. Or if the post has been listed for a long period of time with no activity or update.
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