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ryan that is called clear flood feature! all fuel infected systems have it....so for some reason the plugs got fouled with fuel and the spark wouldnt fire the plugs? clear flood feature is used to show the pcm the throttle is wide open (wot) which in turn shuts off the injector pulse not allowing the injectors to fire fuel into the cylinders.

well glad you got it started and hopefully it dont happen again but it might if the igniton parts are worn and old.....might want to do a tunemup to it!
The plugs, wires, and coil are less than ~5k old. The cap and rotor are older, but probably around 20k. The cap and rotor is near impossible to change on the truck without pulling the motor.

The truck sat for a good 24 hours while I was busy doing other stuff. It still wouldn't start. If it was flooded, it would have cleared during that time. It had to be some sort of computer lockout that the clear flood over-rode or cleared. Unless the computer was telling it to dump massive amounts of fuel when starting, I can't see how it could have been actually flooded, right?

I am surprised I have never heard of this feature before, but I am glad I know about it now.