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Thread: 4:88's in

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    Default 4:88's in

    Well I finally changed the Diff.'s to 4:88's from 4:56's. I didn't have a real big choice but to change them. Last Sat. the rear started singing to me about 1/4 way thru a 120 mile trip. I got from a friend a rear 4:88 carrier he had removed from his 4runner to put in and arb set-up for $100.00 and I got the complete front from a local junk yard for $200.00. Changed the rear yesterday am and the front today. Seems to have better take off and takes the hills better but I see no difference in rpm's at different speeds. I wrote down different rpms at different speeds before the change. At the most there may be about 25 rpm difference.
    At least the gear whine is gone. LOL
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    nice job.

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