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Thread: Recovery Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumpskie View Post
    ...The welded base looks intact to me...
    Agreed. It is just a bung plug and was simply not completely welded from the factory anyways. In my opinion, the only damage is the bumper skin and the purposely "weak link", which is the threaded eye hook. I wish you good luck with Toyota and hope you are able to get it to a point where you are happy.
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    Oh man. I misunderstood, I thought you were saying you used the small loops under the bumper. (The transport tiedowns)

    That "tow eye" in every towing manual I've ever read on any car that uses a screw in tow eye specifically says they are only for pulling a car in neutral onto a flatbed. They are not designed for any off-angle pull, securement of the vehicle in transport, or any hard pull at all. I've seen tow guys pull on those to get someone out of a snow bank and rip the whole front clip of a vehicle off.

    Unless your owner's manual says something different, I don't know if Subaru is gonna do much. That being said, I don't have any SPECIFIC knowledge about Subarus, just that the standard procedure for the towing industry is to treat those as very fragile and only used for loading. They were originated on European import cars when we first started seeing them, but Subaru with their offroader marketing might have different standards.

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    I downloaded the manual for a 2018 CrossTrek, and was quite surprised by the chosen verbiage.

    "Towing hooks and tie-down hooks/holes - If towing is necessary, it is best done by your SUBARU dealer or a commercial towing service. Observe the following procedures for safety.The towing hooks should be used only in an emergency(e.g.,to free a stuck vehicle from mud, sand or snow).

    . Use only the specified towing hooks and tie-down hooks/holes. Never use suspension parts or other parts of the body for towing or tie-down purposes.. To prevent deformation to the front bumper and the towing hook, do not apply excessive lateral load to the towing hooks."

    That to me says some lateral load is acceptable, and these are only to be used to free a stuck vehicle.

    Full section of manual for a 2018 CrossTrek

    Manual came from
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueberryHill View Post
    I know it's a new(er) vehicle and you want it to look mint, but scars can be a "badge" that says "I use my rig, it's not just a pretty face". Every scratch and dent on mine is a story... So fix it the best you can and you have a story!
    Sign and date it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NotThePainter View Post
    Sign and date it.
    Funny, my cousin suggested the same thing this morning when I pointed out the latest ding from following Agnes at Rausch.
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