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Thread: Jeep Gladiator Reveal

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    I was not impressed at all with the reveal. I wanted to be, but even in a room full of Jeep fans, the best they could muster was a three second half-a-clap.

    I'd love to see the J-10 back, or some Power Wagons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt.arsenault View Post
    Is it weird that I'm not as in love with it as I thought? The BRUTE is what got me into jeeps, and still love that one, but I don't know why the gladiator doesn't give me the same fuzzy feeling as does the brute :/ Maybe seeing the Brute all kitted out, vs the stock rubicon model. Idk
    Completely agree with you. As Rubicon alluded to in his comment about the turning radius, it just looks soooo long. The gray, lifted one from the reveal looks pretty awesome, the base model, not so much.

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    I love the look and the idea of a convertible pickup, but I can't get over that rear overhang if you're actually gonna wheel it.

    The departure angle is going to be real bad without huge tires.
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