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Thread: Saturday Fools...

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    Default Saturday Fools...

    Take a couple of Idiots, add lots of rain, a short LC drivers brake line, and a untested leader... Shake (but don't stir) and wing the whole route with a day's planning...
    -TYLER - - Illegitimi non carborundum - -
    '14 Nissan Frontier SV 4x4 V6 Auto
    -3" lift with Nisstec MK84 coilovers & OME leafs, HeftyFab skids & Whiteknuckle sliders, WARN Winch & bumper, 32" Duratracs

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    I was honored to continue in the ENH Idiot tradition. As the diesel tail gunner I got pictures of my rig and the one in front of me... my buddy Caleb.

    Prebroken Tail Light... this was a true Idiots Run

    Good to go!

    Old Foundation

    Leaving the woods

    To find a quintessential New England Farm!

    1996 Landcruiser, 1HD-T Diesel, Gturbo Grunter, Dawes Boost Controller - 23psi, front/rear ARB lockers, ARB rear bumper, Slinky 3", Wholesale automatics A442f Extreme, 35" Duratracs, home built aluminum belly skid, modified TG Tacoma Sliders
    1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer - 2" Alcan springs, 10" travel Gabriel shocks, 30" Yokohama AT/S
    2006 Evo 9 - 437hp/447ft-lb
    2000 Civic - B18C swap (Acura Integra GSR engine, transmission, ECU, Axles, shift linkage)

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    Bummed I missed it. Glad you guys had fun!
    "I hope you get hit by a goose, right in the sway bar!"

    2015 Tacoma Access 4-banger (aka 'Scratchy') -> 255/85r16 ST Maxx, FJC wheels, 3" OME 887s/full dakar pack, CBI sliders and full skids, Pelfreybilt Hybrid bumper, ****tybilt 9.5 XRC winch, sway bar go by bye, ARB on-board air, many many zip-tie

    1989 Ford Bronco II (yet to be named) -> Stock except for blown head gasket mod

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