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Thread: July 29th Idiot Run Too Pics and Vids

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    😎 embrace the baldness shave your head and just grow a long beard and do the comb over mullet like I'm hoping to do that one day
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtyler11 View Post
    Glad to hear it was something cheap to fix, and not the motor burned out. Did you No-Ox (or di-electric grease) it when you reassembled? Or was it corroded at the batt end?

    Thinning? You can barely tell.... Kevin on the other hand.... or maybe its just the light filtering through the trees....
    Yeah, it had dielectric on it. It corroded behind the terminal. Weird. Whatever. It's fixed. I'm going with the light filtering through the trees.....
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    My father once told me an old idiom...

    Men who bald in the front are great thinkers,
    men who bald on top are great lovers,
    men who bald in front and on top think they're great lovers....

    Then there's Telly Savalas... "we're all born bald, baby"
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