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For those of us not in the know what is a budgetary cost per sq ft. of Warmboard?
Mine came out to be $7.99 per sq. ft. + freight shipping for Warmboard S. The retrofit panels are less expensive, however, I don't have any quotes or numbers on them.

This isn't the cheapest method by any means but it will be the best performing solution. Our living room floor (100+ year old wide pine board) has a staple-up system installed years ago by the previous owners. Two runs per bay, no heat spreader plates, some foil faced fiberglass under. It takes well over an hour for that floor to even start thinking about heating the room once the zone starts calling. We also experience hot spots and cold spots. Part of the issue is the need to warm up two layers of old-growth lumber (subfloor + floorboard planks) but the other is the lack of conductive heat spreading across the floor. None of these issues are (ideally) experienced with Warmboard due to tubing placement above the subfloor and the continuous aluminum sheet spreading the heat across the floor evenly.

Due to the interest in the product, here are the plans that came with my panels. The left side outlines the panel layout and the right outlines the tubing layout in the panels.

image-20181015_192437 by Mitchell Beauchemin, on Flickr