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Thread: Holding a Run School

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubicon View Post
    I drive one every day now :p
    Every time I am on a class VI I say "Wish I lived here"

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    Quote Originally Posted by We3freaks View Post
    Every time I am on a class VI I say "Wish I lived here"
    Same. Not a lot of good wheeling in Exeter.
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    Count me in as interested. Also, state universities have public access policies that may or may not include private rooms with access to TVs.
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    Ok, I'm willing to start organizing this. I need to hear from people who are willing to help out with that. This includes:

    • generating course materials
    • presenting (probably parts)
    • organizing students
    • location
    • other stuff

    We can do the group collaboration with discussions on slack (I'll make a slack) and course materials on with google. (I have a great deal of experience with these tools, they are perfect for this, email/forums suck for collaboration.)

    If you are interested in helping out, please email me at oblique at alum dot mit dot edu

    Install a slack client on whatever computer/phone/tablet you have (its free), get a gmail address if you don't have one, and await instructions.

    Let's make this happen!

    PS: If you give me you email address on this forum I might ignore you. So follow the above instructions pretty please.
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