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Thread: Linseed oil within the frame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubicon View Post
    Well it stopped working again. That is twice now. Must be a glitch in the system, as when one tries to link the search results, it resets the next day. Let me post them each thread, to see if that works:
    glitch in the matrix.... they'll fix it shortly... don't want an uprising...

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    I use Carwell CP-90 (link below) for rust proofing. works great. 2 Syracuse winters (salt brine on roads just about every day from december to march) and 2 NH winters and still no rust on my 4runner frame. It's not as thick as fluid film, but has no smell to it at all. I think fluid film smells like the sheep it came from. The applicator is kind of expensive, but only takes about half a gallon to do a car. The applicator puts the oil out in a fog, so it gets into everything. Lubricates all your joints and bushings, door hinges, etc. the wand is small enough to stick up into the door and rocker drain holes.

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    Fyi linseed oil is know for spontaneous combustion with rags and such.
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