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Thread: question about a 1999 olds Alero (instrument cluster)

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    Default question about a 1999 olds Alero (instrument cluster)

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    a friend has a 1999 olds Alero and i guess all the gauges(temp,rpm,speedo,odometer,etc) stopped working the other day then started working the next day.(this was last week)she thought it was she went through a puddle but,now the other day,it sat for about 3 days (while raining) and they all stopped working again.could it just be moisture somehow getting in behind dash and messing with connection on the back of the cluster.(i know there's normally one large plug for most of the gauges)

    her husband checked fuses and only found the one for horn blown.he replaced it and they still don't work.he has more knowledge with computers then vehicals and i'm not all that great when it comes down to figuring what's wrong with them (unless it's obvious of course).was just wondering if anyone here has any ideas of what to check out.i'll be going to their place this sunday to have a look(will try checking the connections first,hopfully i can just reach up and don't have to take the dash apart..)

    thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 97xjowner View Post
    ...will try checking the connections first,hopfully i can just reach up and don't have to take the dash apart..
    thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
    I don't think you'll be able to do it without taking the dash apart and it is probably just a loose connection anyways. Don't forget the dielectric grease ;)
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